Valentine’s Gifts by Alentia

February 14, better known as Valentine’s Day, is a date dedicated to making your loved ones feel extra special by showering them with gifts and gestures. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cookie, a stuffed animal, or a diamond necklace; what matters are the good intentions behind the gift.  To spread some of the love this holiday is known for, it has become a school tradition that our seniors prepare a Valentine’s Day sale. Throughout the whole day, they deliver what the students previously ordered from the catalog. Aside from this, there is a bake sale that takes place during recess. 


Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, the dynamics have changed. This year, the twelfth graders had to make some adjustments to adapt to this new time. At the beginning of February, they posted on their Instagram a teaser of what they were planning for this year. Immediately, students were curious and couldn’t wait for the official announcement. Later that week, the seniors dropped the news of this year’s activity. Instead of having a traditional sale, they came up with the idea of a pickup and delivery service. Approximately two weeks before the awaited holiday, a catalog was released with all of the purchase options for the sale. Some of the delicious treats were brownies, sugar cookies, chocolate bars, and even stuffed animals! Since we can’t see the seniors in person, they have also provided an online form so that everyone can place orders from the comfort of their homes, and receive them on Friday, February 12.


The day arrived, and the seniors were ready to hand out all the orders. They posted several stories on their Instagram displaying how they adorned the delivery cars with Valentine’s themed decorations. Additionally, they showed some people receiving their treats and gifts. Everyone looked amused and thrilled with the senior’s delivery. 


We asked a mom who had ordered baked goods for her children what were her thoughts on this year’s activity, and she said: “I loved it. I think it was a great initiative made by the students. The deliveries arrived on time, the ordering process  was simple and quick, and the brownies were delicious.”


This virus that has become a constant burden had the opportunity to jeopardize one of the most beloved holidays of the school. However, Alentia persisted. Their initiative and hard work paid off, and in the middle of a pandemic, the seniors brought some love (and delicious treats) to an otherwise gloomy Valentine.


By Amalia Bretón and Sarah Bencosme