In Your Honor, Dear Country

To our beautiful nation,

To our Dominican Republic,

Today we raise to the highest

our tricolor flag.


It is an anniversary,

The birthday of a special nation,

And full of joy we come 

To celebrate our freedom.


It is with a lot of love and respect

That today we get up 

With our hand on our chest,

To sing, full of pride, 

The solemn notes of our Anthem.

Behind the joy, the glory, and the splendor,

There is a story of blood, tears, and pain.


We must never forget where we came from,

It was built on the memory 

Of men and women with courage and values,

And no matter their age, social status, or religion

They came together and delivered, 

Chasing the same vision;

A strong homeland that defends itself 

No matter who faces it

For a free, sovereign and independent Dominican Republic!


By Alicia Pérez and Amelia Sasso