Our Teachers Already Have the Vaccine!

As we know, the virus Covid-19, which has come to stay, also brought with it new modalities and adaptations. One of them was to teach classes virtually. It has been a tough process for all of us as students and teachers. 


During the past year, many scientists have been performing tests and studies to create vaccines that could help people gradually return to their daily lives. This country began receiving vaccines around March. For the sake of organization and priority, the government decided to organize the distribution of vaccines in phases, first to people over 70 years old and school teaching teams, then to people over 50 years old, and so on. As a safe method for when the Ministry of Education decides that it is convenient to open presencial classes.


On March 9th, our Comunidad Educativa Lux Mundi teachers received the first dose of the Chinese vaccine Sinovac, since there are different vaccines in the market. This is a great advance towards returning to in-person classes. They went to get vaccinated at one of the authorized centers. So far none of them had any worrisome reactions, only some normal side effects such as numbness in the arm where it was given, headaches, and/or sleepiness. After that first dose, they had to receive the second one, which was on April 7th, repeating the same procedure. 


We must thank our teachers and our school for thinking of us and collaborating with the return to classes. Let’s hope that everything continues to go well and that soon we will be able to be together again, following the proper protocols. This is the beginning of a new stage that will benefit us all.


Image Source: Presidencia de la República Dominicana.