A Poet’s Truth

Heart book – vintage effect

An artist with a cause,

With a weapon most lethal than a gun,

A heart is most torn, a mind most precarious,

 A heart is most romantic.


Close to a scene is where you’ll find them most,

One that will tighten your heart and twist your soul.

Open your eyes to the mind of a cynic with a lover’s note.


Words are their most powerful source of rejuvenation, 

When life crumbles their fragile hearts

The only place anger can realize 

Is the place where it’s cured

 Yet exposed to those in need 

Or in want or who caused the same one.


No sequence is their plane, 

Only feelings are the way they can explain.

The sadness they retain 

In observation of the world, they disdain.


But only one in love can be a true poet,

A lover whose love goes beyond the surface

Beyond the next person 

Beyond the pen in their hands,

Beyond the words, they can say.