First Report Card Of The School Year

Last Wednesday, November 10th, Lux Mundi students got their first report card from this school year. They are turned in at the end of every quarter here at school. Students get to see their performance during the last few months, and this is a way to get feedback from their teachers. This activity consists of parents making an appointment to talk to their kids’ homeroom teacher. Both students and their parents sit down to discuss how they are doing this school year.


For the first time in more than a year and a half, we did a  whole school semester going to school in person, and for some of the students here at Lux Mundi, the change really showed. Since they got used to taking online classes for the past year, getting used to face-to-face classes again was a little challenging. Meanwhile, online school was very difficult for others, and the shift back from virtuality was more beneficial to them. This situation is very interesting because parents and students got the chance to see and understand how they performed better when taking classes;they got to see what works better for them. 


This gathering the school offers is essential.  They could  give out grades through the XAS platform, which is where students get to see their grades and a clear view of where they came from. But by having conferences with the teachers, they focus on letting the students and their parents know how their kid is doing and if they need any help in certain subjects. If the student is doing a good job this will encourage them to keep the excellent work. This report card delivery is crucial because the school year is only starting and if you are not doing your best in some areas, these encounters could help you reflect on that.