Extra Curricular Activities Restarting in Lux Mundi

Lux Mundi is now restarting sports activities, clearly with all covid-19 precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. This pandemic has limited the world in every single aspect. Everything’s changed, including the way our world functions, and how we interact as individuals. Activities were canceled or postponed, schools were shut down. From one day to another, our world was flipped upside down, and we all had to swiftly react to what was happening. The same way the pandemic limited the world, it restricted Lux Mundi’s community.


Due to covid, the school wasn’t able to offer extracurricular activities such as football, volleyball, basketball, ping pong, and chess. Lux Mundi is well known for being very active in sports and having a strong sense of teamwork and a strong spirit. The parents have always been very involved and show enthusiasm towards the sport their children participate in.


To go more in-depth about the restart of the school’s extracurricular sports activities, I spoke with Arturo Ramírez, the head of the sports department, so he could tell me how sports activities at school are currently flowing after the global lockdown. Teacher Arturo tells me that he is grateful for the school’s administration assistance and glad that they can finally start being active in sports again. He is pleased that they started on the right foot.


There is no one better than the students involved to tell us about this experience. So, I spoke with some students on the school’s sports team to learn more about how extracurricular activities work now, following the Pandemic. The feedback I received was overwhelmingly good. The students missed being a part of their sports team and are glad that the extracurricular activities have resumed. But, it can’t be the same as before Covid; there are limitations and rules. For example, there are fewer kids per class, there haven’t been many tournaments recently, and students can no longer practice on soccer fields outside of school as they formerly did.


The resumption of extracurricular activities at the school has been a success, and we look forward to future tournaments in which our students can compete. Lux Mundi will continue to thrive as a community, and the powerful and fierce spirit that defines us will be carried on by our students and the sports in which they participate.