The Economic Structure and the Dominance of Production

Inspired by Elementary Concepts of Historical Materialism, Chapter 4- Marta Harnecker   Production is the dominant aspect of the economic structure. Bourgeois economists, on the other hand, claim that production is only of the same importance as the phenomena of distribution, consumption, and exchange. As an economic structure, capitalism depends on preserving poverty in […]

Capitalism Vs. Environment

Capitalism is the origin of most of the planet’s environmental issues. Capitalists’ beliefs conflict directly with environmentalism. , Capitalism requires incessant growth of production to maintain stability, but in a world of finite resources, this is a goal that is impossible to achieve. Perhaps if we examine how what we call progress and capitalism has […]

A Day for Women

Women deserve and want a world where we have an equal future free of stigmas, stereotypes, and violence; the strength that a women’s movement  achieved throughout the world crosses borders, cultural, economic, and ideological differences of any kind. If women and men all over the world get together to join forces they could be able […]

First STEM Fest

Driven by the desire to motivate interest in Science and Technology, the kids of our Team Force robotics team invited us to their own STEM Fest. It was held this January 26th, at the UNPHU, Plaza de las Artes from 11:00 a.m. at 5:00 p.m. This activity intended to expand the areas of STEM (Science, […]

World Food Day

World Food Day could be a day of action dedicated to confronting international hunger. Each October 16th, individuals from round the world move to declare their commitment to eradicate worldwide hunger from our lifespan.  This special annual celebration represents the importance of food and agriculture in our communities; celebrating the creation of the Food and Agriculture […]