Face to face meetings in Lux Mundi

We all know that recently we’ve had the opportunity to attend school. We’ve done all sorts of activities from catching up on subjects with our teacher to playing “el pañuelito” with our friends. It has been a great experience and a chance to breathe freely away from Zoom and computers. Our brains are exhausted from […]

Cycling: The Sensation During the Quarantine

After almost nine months in quarantine, we have taken all the precautions and measures necessary to enjoy some free time outside. A fun way to spend that time is by riding a bicycle. In my personal experience, I’ve known how to ride a bike for my whole life, but I’ve never done intense cycling all […]

Among Us: The Record-Breaking Game

Among Us is an international trending game that can be played on your mobile, tablet, or computer. This free app was designed by InnerSloth and launched on june 15th, 2018. Due to quarantine and the new “covidianity”, this game has been trending as one of the most popular action-based games. Among us, it is trending […]

Is there a Coronavirus vaccine yet?

Coronavirus disease, also known as COVID-19 is an infectious disease that the world has had to is deal with and the news and tv reporters are repetitively talking about this subject, which is a bit overwhelming. As we hoped thousands of people are donating their time and effort to find a cure for this pandemic, […]

February 16th – Failed National Elections

An apparent failure in the automated voting system was the reason for the Central Electoral Board to cancel the elections, a situation that caused a significant political crisis. The elections were interrupted after only four hours since it started after opening the electoral centers. It was the first time our country was using the electronic […]