How To Salvage Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday, the holiday after Thanksgiving, where you spend a good amount of money splurging for yourself and/or your loved ones.   Let’s be real, most of us are stuck at home with no way out, not even for this amazing holiday where most of our favorite stores hold an insane SALE in hopes to […]

How To Avoid Stress While Taking Online Classes?

We’re all experiencing the whole “online class” situation with the current pandemic that has taken the entire world by surprise. The majority is still getting used to the online mechanism of Zoom even the teachers are going out of their comfort zone, adapting their syllabus to the digital era. First, let’s describe the meaning of […]

We should all be ACTIONISTS!

As we all must know, climate change is a significant collateral effect of global warming. Our planet has been suffering for quite a while now, and most people are acting ignorant towards the topic. The truth is: you don’t have to be a super-smart scientist or a driven activist to fulfill your duty as a […]