The Response (Crisis at DR)

-Before I head to the article I´d like to put you, the reader into some context of what’s happening. As you all know (as I assume), on February the 16th, our country had programmed municipal elections, in which a so-called “computational malfunction” caused a complete cancellation of them, which was the first one in DR´s […]

Nursing Home Visit 2019

As we all know, Lux Mundi is a school that also teaches us about kindness and other values that, throughout the years would help us to become more human and will make us able to make some decisions thinking about the greater good. As it is tradition, on our last day before the Christmas break, […]

Claro Soccer Cup

We just started the school year and we’ve already had some major things going on, from the “Supra” launching and the team FORCE bake sale, we’ve had a very interesting ride for this first month. But today want to share with you my experience with the Claro Soccer Cup (Copa Claro). I’ll be talking about […]