Covid-19 Cancels Sports Around The World

The unexpected situation the world is going through is affecting us in every possible way, economically, socially, and daily. But have you asked yourself how it has changed the popular sports and tournaments around the world? Coronavirus has made it impossible for famous sports supported and sponsored by powerful companies with influence in every country […]

Three Year ABC Chase

After participating multiple times in The Americas Bicultural School (ABC) soccer tournament, taking place in their compound, this year (February 15-26), we finally took the first-place trophy from the other teams. Representing the Lux Mundi Leopards were our select soccer players Hannah, Rebeca, Isabella, Annabelle, Veronica, Mariana, Daniela, Maria Laura, Sofia, Cristina, Stephanie, and their […]

Kobe’s Journey

Born August 23, 1978, Kobe Bryant was an American professional basketball player who entered the prestigious NBA directly from High School playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, winning five NBA championships in the position of shooting guard, being the MVP in two of them. He won player of the month 34 times, one of the […]

End of The Year Stamp and Mass

This year, as usual, we had the Mass for the end of 2019. This Mass is made to encourage the students of our community to end the year with many blessings and goals to make us aspire to be better people. This is an interactive activity, since some students participate throughout the development of itself, […]