Take a Break from Screens

We live in a society where Instagram posts are the way of saying “Happy Birthday” instead of handwritten letters, where Amazon means more than a rainforest, and Apple no longer represents a fruit. We think working out for thirty minutes every day just doesn’t fit our schedule. However, the average person scrolls 2 hours and […]

New York Times Bestselling Movies

Haven’t you noticed that almost every book with some level of popularity has the phrase “New York Times Bestseller” written on them? I believe we should copy this method when it comes to movies. Films are a form of expression for directors, actors, and others, just like books are for authors. Therefore, they get to […]

Rechecking Scientific History

Ever since our first Biology class, every time we talk about the DNA structure, we accredit its discovery to Watson and Crick without hesitation. However, this isn’t the real story. Rosalind Franklin is the scientist who actually noticed the double helix structure of DNA but didn’t get recognized solely because of her gender. Through her […]

Our Desire to “Become…”

Ever since we were little, people always told us there is a series of activities we need to cross off of our life’s to-do list. Our dissatisfaction with living in the moment makes us want to work for a new “level” of our lives, which usually does more harm than good. We are constantly aiming […]

The Quarantine To-Do List

I get it. We have all been extremely bored during the Covid-19 quarantine, but it’s okay. This time should be used to do things we like, but never had time to do. So, to make your lives more prosperous and your quarantine more fun, here’s a list of fun activities to do during this distancing.  […]

Bebras: A New Challenge for Mathletes

Bebras is an international challenge that develops problem-solving skills and computational thinking in students of different ages. It exists in more than 60 countries. This year, our school had the honor of being a part of it. Students of grades 7-11 who are skillful in math were selected to compete. We received the information weeks […]

Fridays For Future

Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old environmental activist in a constant fight to end climate change, has created a movement called Fridays For Future. It consists of students skipping school on Fridays to fight and protest against global warming. Students get creative and design several posters and signs to prove their point. Some of them say phrases like […]