New Year’s Eve 2020

New York City is known for hosting the biggest New Year’s celebration in Times Square, where thousands of people go to watch the ball drop when the clock hits midnight. Every year they pick artists to perform as entertainment for the people. This year’s host will be Lucy Hale next to Ryan Seacrest, who has […]

Cycling: The Sensation During the Quarantine

After almost nine months in quarantine, we have taken all the precautions and measures necessary to enjoy some free time outside. A fun way to spend that time is by riding a bicycle. In my personal experience, I’ve known how to ride a bike for my whole life, but I’ve never done intense cycling all […]

How To Salvage Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday, the holiday after Thanksgiving, where you spend a good amount of money splurging for yourself and/or your loved ones.   Let’s be real, most of us are stuck at home with no way out, not even for this amazing holiday where most of our favorite stores hold an insane SALE in hopes to […]

2020 US Elections

The 2020 US elections took place on November 3rd, and the results came out on November 7th, meaning it took four whole days to count the votes. This has been a hugely controversial topic for a long time between Republicans and Democrats, but Democrats won with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their candidates.. It […]