Honoring our Virgin of Altagracia

Every year, we celebrate on January 21st the Day of our Virgin of Altagracia in the Dominican Republic. On this date, we usually remember this Virgin, and thousands of devout Catholics come to the Basílica of Higüey to profess their faith to whom they call “La Patrona de Higüey”, or the protective and spiritual mother […]


During this unprecedented pandemic, all hopes of containing it have been placed on two vaccines released by different American companies, Moderna and Pfizer. We’ll focus  on Pfizer’s attempt to immunize the recipients of their project.     The first thing you should know about this new vaccine is that it is not like any other and […]

Storming the Capitol

On January 6th of 2021, Trump supporters scaled the walls outside of the Capitol, broke windows, and forced their way into the building. This all happened after a Trump rally, where he decided to tell the crowd to “take action and march to the Capitol,” and they did just that. When the protesters got into […]

My Future

It’s a new year, and school has started. The transition from one year to another is weird, especially this one. Even if it’s just from the 365th day of a year to the first one again, it feels like the end of an era. People everywhere are making their goal lists, and teachers are asking […]

Abolish ICE

Most people who don’t live in the US don’t know what ICE is, so let’s start with the basics. ICE stands for Immigration Customs Enforcement, it was created in 2003 after the 9/11 attack. It’s divided into three major offices, but the one we will be talking about is Enforcement and Removal Operations. This division […]


Thanksgiving day is almost upon us, and I feel like most people don’t know or remember  the history behind the celebration or the tradition of this very special day. Everything began on the 11th of November, 1620 when the pilgrims arrived in Plymouth, New England, where they encountered a fierce winter that caused half of […]


You are probably wondering what “SARS” means; let me explain. SARS stands for: ‘The special  Anti-Robbery Squad,’ a Nigerian police unit established in 1992 to combat armed robberies and crime. The problem is that since its inception it has been accused of violent harassment, theft, intimidation, exhortation, physical, and sexual violence, by  the movement ‘#EndSars’. […]

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US Political Party Division

This election has been a controversial topic over the last few months. It caused a really big division between the republicans that supported President Donald J Trump and the democrats who supported the now President-elect Joe Biden. We have been seeing this election race on different sides all over social media like TikTok, Instagram, and […]

US 2020 Presidential ElectionsPredictions

There is no doubt that the US society is completely divided when it comes to the presidential elections . Americans are motivated and speaking their thoughts, which is reflecting on the numbers. The election has become the topic everyone is talking about. Not only Americans  but people worldwide are interested in making every American vote […]