A Poet’s Truth

An artist with a cause, With a weapon most lethal than a gun, A heart is most torn, a mind most precarious,  A heart is most romantic.   Close to a scene is where you’ll find them most, One that will tighten your heart and twist your soul. Open your eyes to the mind of […]

Orange Shaped Leaves

Light all your candles, Fall is already here, With the cozy feeling,  It comes every year. Some light up their trees Or drink up some tea, Whichever you do, Will brighten your year. Orange leaves plummet down, Reaching out for the town, Cold winds bracing through,  And everytime it feels new. Autumn is here, Let’s […]

A Year Passed

Nescience The time apart took a toll on sanity Letting us astray of morals and belief.   Our home has been ripped of its essence Leaving the vain left standing ‘Till nature lets them free.   The constant disbelief in mortality  Has left youth in ignorance The indifference towards the future  Has left them living […]

Beautiful Spring

Welcome back, Spring You don’t know how much I missed you I can’t believe  you are already here Now I can see why the sun smiles when you are near. I noticed you came  when flowers bloomed again Because winter took away The flowers you created. But we must never forget  What Fall did to […]

In Your Honor, Dear Country

To our beautiful nation, To our Dominican Republic, Today we raise to the highest our tricolor flag.   It is an anniversary, The birthday of a special nation, And full of joy we come  To celebrate our freedom.   It is with a lot of love and respect That today we get up  With our […]

Poem to 2021

Hope is filled with your presence Pain is expected to fade in your existence We all have been waiting for you in patience Yet the disaster just seems to be crescent.   Routines have been made, Cards have been laid But we run to your aid As if you could raid all the pain.   […]

Poem about The Three Wise Men

Three wise men Following a star, Searching for the new king, Jesus Christ.  Guided to Bethlehem,  established in the famous manger.   Three wise men,  Who follow the stars, Set out on a new path  bringing myrrh, gold, and frankincense  From the bottom of their hearts.   Melchor lived in Europe,  When he saw a […]

Remembering 2020

I don’t even know where to start. How about this? I think I speak for everyone when I say that you’ve been a test to us all, from the very first weeks of January until now. So, in case you forgot, here’s a little recap of everything you’ve put upon the world.   Without a […]

My Dark Side of Christmas

People in my town have always loved Christmas and everything it stands for. The presents, reuniting with friends and family, lovely songs… And I agree, it is beautiful, except for one thing that ruined my childhood… Santa. It all started when I was five years old. This year Santa decided to put the gifts in […]

Christmas Miracle

Ah, December… You can already feel the “Christmas spirit” that people talk about. However, for Andrea, it was irrelevant since she didn’t believe in Christmas. She even thought those famous “Christmas miracles” were fake. It was late at night when Andrea was passing through a small market, specifically on the fruit side, when she turned […]